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Everything we do is a matter of heart, body and soul.

About Us

Discover the Essence of Coffee Klub

Welcome to Coffee Klub, a haven for coffee enthusiasts and seekers of the perfect brew. At Coffee Klub, we’re more than just a coffee destination; we’re a community of passionate individuals united by our love for all things coffee.
Tess the Barista
Our Story

A Journey Brewed in Passion

Esther Atieno [Tess the Barista] a coffee aficionado with over 7 years in the industry. Her journey has been remarkable, crowned as the back-to-back champion at the 2022 and 2023 Barista Championships. She has not only mastered the art of brewing but also proudly represented Kenya on the world stage in Australia and Greece. Beyond the trophies, Esther’s heart beats for each cup of coffee she creates. Her passion shines through as she forges connections and craft experiences that linger. With a genuine love for coffee and a global ambassadorial spirit, Esther truly exemplifies the harmonious blend of skill and enthusiasm that defines the coffee world.
Our Approach

Craftsmanship and Education

We believe that great coffee is a result of a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and education. Our team of experienced baristas and coffee experts are passionate about imparting their knowledge to help you unlock your coffee potential. From sourcing the finest beans to perfecting brewing techniques, we’re committed to sharing insights that will forever transform your coffee experience.

What We Offer: Tailored Experiences for Every Coffee Lover

Coffee Consulting
Dive deep into the world of coffee with our personalized consulting services.
Coffee Training
Choose from our diverse courses and elevate your coffee craft.
Cafe Consulting
Our cafe consulting services will guide you through every aspect of turning your vision into reality.
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